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Jensen & Danneel Daily and its members are in no way affiliated with Jensen and/or Danneel, or any of their representatives.All media, photos, trademarks, and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.*** Is Danneel the girl Jensen's been dreaming about all these years?

It is just one’s word against the other as no one really knows the true story.

Many stars also keep their relationship clandestine until a point where it comes impossible for them to do so and they end up confessing and acknowledging the facts.

However, there are some actors who use rumors for attention and publicity, and in the bargain it is the people who are crazy about movies that get fooled and misled.”So Supernatural fans, If you come across this person, don’t believe what she is saying, I know most of us know Jensen is married to Danneel and happily married at that.

But in real life, there's nothing shocking about a drop-dead gorgeous actress dating her handsome British costar.

Alas, the two broke up in April amidst cheating rumors.until the pair surfaced together at the last week at the Young Hollywood Awards looking quite adorable.

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